About Allen and Willy Darman (3-6-2013)

My Name is Allen Darman.

I am a Truth Warrior for God.

I am also Willy Darman’s non-custodial father.

I taught Willy the Truth about Health when he was only Thirteen Years Old.

Willy generated his Own Recovery from the Verbal Lessons that I taught him on Weekends sometimes.

There Are Three Kinds of Medicine.

One Kind of Medicine is commonly called Conventional Medicine.  This is when You Go to the Doctor, and You are Prescribed Pharmaceutical Drugs by Law to treat what ails you.

Another Kind of Medicine is commonly called Alternative Medicine.  This is when You Go to an Alternative Doctor, and he or she tells you what to do to Cure what ails you.

The Third Kind of Medicine I call *Self-Applied Alternative Medicine*.  This is when You learn what you need to learn, and then You *Cure Yourself*.

Willy Darman’s Amazing ADHD/Bipolar Recovery falls into the Realm of this Third Kind of Medicine.

Willy Cured Himself using *Self-Applied Alternative Medicine*.

Beginning at age 13, using his father as “Only a Guide from time to time”, Willy Darman became “an extremely effective Doctor of himself”.

Hoorah Willy! You not only taught me personally a great deal of value, your natural recovery from an ADHD diagnosis and classic bipolar symptoms taught an invaluable lesson to the entire human race!

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About Allen and Willy Darman (3-6-2013)


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