Willy And Allen Darman Co-Discovered The Best Nutritional Supplement Protocol To Heal Mentally And Physically From Almost All Illnesses



My son Willy and I toppled the majority of pharmaceutical medicine with the Truth when we co-discovered (and personally validated) the tremendous therapeutic power of broad based nutritional supplementation taken all at once.

Unfortunately, if someone discovers anything that is a major threat to the hoax of drug oriented medicine, “they are going to come after you and try to kill you”.

It is a miracle I am still alive, as many times as the Mafia has tried to kill me on behalf of Big Pharma… with the United States Government witnessing this… and standing by and doing nothing to help me.

More copy coming at some point. Completion of this blog is a low priority at this time.

Allen Darman (with help from his heroic WordPress Collaborative Internet Team)


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